Bike rental with pedal assistance in Trento

Freewheels gives you the chance to rent a bike with assisted pedal to visit all the sights of the city and the province of Trento. The city of Trento already existed during Roman times an is located at the foot of the rocky hills of Doss Trento, which stands on the right bank of the River Adige. Today there is the mausoleum dedicated to Cesare Battisti, an Austrian citizen who fought for the independence of Trento, before enlisting as a volunteer in the Italian army at the outbreak of World War I. He was captured by Austro-Hungarian troops, tried for high treason and then executed, becoming one of the key symbolic figures of the city of Trento.

Trento and its sights

Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo is at the heart of the city of Trento. It represents the historic, religious and monumental center of the city, with beautiful noble palaces and the impressive Duomo of Saint Virgil. Built in 1212, it is a Romanesque building and was the seat of the very important Council of Trento in the 16th century.

Castle of Buonconsiglio

The Castle of Buonconsiglio was the residence of the bishops of Trento from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. It has not lost its majesty, and today it houses many museums.

Christmas markets

During the winter season Trento lights up thanks to the presence of the famous Christmas markets. The atmosphere is truly magical, with a variety of colors, lights and snow that makes this city truly unique. Take advantage of this atmosphere to visit the various stalls and find trinkets for decorating your home.

Castel Toblino

Castel Toblino is a lake castle located in the valley of the Lakes in the municipality of Calavino.
The structure is perched on a small and protected peninsula bathed by the lake. The quadrangular shape of the complex finds is especially known for its large circular mastiff, which most certainly predates medieval times. The large encircling hill surrounding the entire complex and the large park surrounding the residence add a further distinctive character. The castle is currently privately owned and used as a restaurant.

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