Short and long term bicycle rental in Trento

Freewheels does short and long term bicycle rentals in Trento. We offer the possibility of renting our bikes for only a few hours, or for several days. We have different types of bikes to meet your every need. Be ignited by our shared passion for the cycling world. Biking is healthy, allowing you to stay outdoors and on the move. It also has the advantage of not polluting the environment. What are you waiting for? Come and rent a bike!
Listino prezzi per il noleggio di bici da Freewheels

Our offer

Hire the type of bicycle you want

At our headquarters in Trento we have several types of bicycles available for hire. We have HaiBike and Cannondale bicycles, two different types of motorbikes (Bosch and Yamaha), 10 bikes for city roads, more suitable for travelling in and around the city, and 10 mountain bikes with which to appreciate the surroundings of Trento but also the surrounding valleys. Select the type of bicycle that best suits your goals and passions!

Rent your bicycle for a few hours or several days

 We offer a number of rental solutions to meet your every need. Our bikes can be rented for a minimum of 5 hours up to longer periods. You can simply choose to spend a few hours in the open air, or maximize your time out in the open with a longer period rental.

Children, bags and luggage racks

Freewheels never stop thinking about you! In addition to bicycles, you can also hire children's carriages and other accessories such as bags, luggage racks and other accessories. Make your cycling experience as comfortable as possible. For long distances, we also offer a second battery in case you have to travel longer distances.

Call to rent a bike: +39 3397626264

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